Patient Rights

Right to get copies of medical records during hospital stay. Right to get medical care without any discrimination of casts, creed or religion and to be provided immediate care at the time of emergency.

Right to be informed and educated in a language and format that he/she Right to know what hospital rules and regulations apply to him/her and Facilities obtainable to patient. Right to information about your diagnosis, treatment, medicines and Professionals involved in patient care. Right to seek 2nd opinion about his/her disease, treatment, etc. Right to get details of bill and receipt of deposit after paying it. Right to know the expected cost of treatment. Right to know how to voice a complaint or grievance redressal Mechanism. Right to get informed consent before any invasive/high risk Procedure/treatment/special investigation. Right to refuse the treatment/investigation. Right of expect that all the communications and records pertaining to His/her case be treated as confidential. Right of protection from physical abuse or neglect. Right to get respect from staff for personal dignity and privacy during Examination, procedures and treatment. Patient has right to express spiritual and cultural belief provided they do Not interfere with others or hospital operation. Right to refuse to participate in human experimentation, research, affecting his/her medical care program-me

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